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Am I a Candidate for Crystalens®?

Crystalens®Crystalens candidates is an excellent premium lens implant option for many patients, but it may not be right for everyone. Our experienced Dallas cataract surgeon Dr. Dain Brooks will perform a thorough eye examination to determine whether or not you are a good Crystalens® candidate. This FDA-approved intraocular lens (IOL) uses the same focusing method as your eye’s natural lens, adjusting along with your eye muscles in response to your brain signals. This allows you to clearly and continuously focus on objects at all distances.

If you have presbyopia and/or cataracts and want to restore your vision at all distances, you are most likely a candidate for Crystalens®. This lens implant is especially ideal if you read or use a computer several hours a day, which requires a strong intermediate vision.

Although it is typically used during cataract surgery to replace a cloudy lens, Crystalens® can also be a valuable vision correction option for people who are not good LASIK candidates. Crystalens® can be placed during Refractive Lens Exchange in these cases – a procedure similar to cataract surgery, where your natural lens is replaced with an IOL.

If you have further questions about Crystalens®, please contact Brooks Eye Associates today or call (972) 736-9347 to schedule an appointment with our board-certified Dallas cataract surgeon Dr. Brooks. We serve patients in Plano, Frisco, and surrounding areas of Dallas, Texas.