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Am I a Candidate for PRK?

PRK laser vision correctionPRK is a laser eye surgery option that predates LASIK and, due to this, is sometimes only considered when this more recent option is not available. However, PRK is not so much an alternative to LASIK as it is an equally effective and oftentimes more reliable option for treating refractive errors. The best way to learn if PRK is the right option for your needs is by meeting with Dallas eye surgeon Dr. Dain Brooks for a laser vision correction evaluation.

To schedule a PRK evaluation with Dr. Brooks, please call (972) 736-9347 today.

You may be a good candidate for PRK if you are:

  • Over the age of 18
  • Free of existing eye disease or disorders outside of a refractive error
  • Free of retinal problems or corneal scarring

Because your eyes must be fully developed for PRK to be effective, Dr. Brooks may suggest waiting until you are over the age of 21. This depends entirely on your anatomy and can be discussed in greater detail during your laser vision correction consultation.

PRK eliminates some of the risks associated with LASIK but is still a surgical procedure that comes with potential complications. While these complications are rare, it is possible that glares or halos around light, corneal haze, dry eyes, and other discomforts may occur during or after your recovery period. Good candidates for PRK need to be aware of all potential complications and willing to follow Dr. Brook’s pre and postoperative instructions to reduce risks.

If you are considering laser vision correction in the Dallas area, please contact Brooks Eye Associates to schedule your initial consultation today.