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An Alternative to LASIK

Alternative treatments for LASIKWhile LASIK has become a popular solution to vision disorders, there is another option to consider that may be better suited for you. During your initial consultation with Dr. Brooks of Brooks Eye Associates, it may be determined that you are not an ideal candidate for LASIK, or, possibly, that another treatment would work better for you.

If you suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, your eyes could be treated with photorefractive keratectomy (PRK). PRK was used before LASIK but is still a viable option for treating refractive disorders.

PRK corrects your eyes by using a laser to re-shape your cornea’s surface, so your eyes can properly bend light. When your eyes don’t bend light correctly, that’s when you experience visual difficulties.

During PRK, a hinged flap will be created in the outer layer of the cornea. Then the exterior layer of your cornea will be removed so surgery can be performed. This layer will regenerate and your corneal flap will heal quickly.

Some differences between LASIK and PRK include the following:

  • PRK doesn’t offer the chance of flap complications
  • LASIK has more of a chance of the corneal thickness becoming compromised
  • PRK treatments aren’t as deep
  • PRK treatments require more recovery time than LASIK

If you’re in the Dallas or Plano, Texas area and are interested in finding out if you’re a good candidate for either PRK or LASIK surgery, please contact Brooks Eye Associates today. Dr. Brooks has a breadth of experience with both types of surgery and will help determine which would be best for you. Call us at (972) 736-9347.