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Are Corneal Inlays Similar to Intraocular Lenses?

Presbyopia TreatmentThe news has been buzzing recently with stories about corneal inlays for the treatment of presbyopia. These flexible rings are implanted in the frontal portion of the cornea where they act as a camera aperture, adjusting the depth of field to provide clear vision at any distance. Several of these implants are in the development stage and some are currently undergoing clinical trials. As of yet, none have been approved for commercial use by the FDA.

Intraocular lenses (IOLs) are used to replace the crystalline lens of the eye. IOLs are placed during cataract surgery and essential in the prevention of vision loss. They are not intended to treat presbyopia, but correction of vision problems is often an additional benefit of IOLs.

Dallas eye surgeon Dr. Dain Brooks offers premium lens implants that have shown to be effective both at eliminating cataracts and improving general vision. During your cataract surgery consultation, he would be happy to discuss lens options with you to help ensure you are selecting those that will best meet your personal needs.

If you are experiencing any changes in vision, please contact Brooks Eye Associates to schedule an appointment. Our board-certified ophthalmologist proudly serves patients living in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and surrounding areas of Texas.