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Is PRK Safe?

Laser vision correctionPRK is a type of laser eye surgery that is often best for people who are not good candidates for LASIK due to corneal issues. This does not, of course, mean that everyone is a good candidate for PRK, but due to its reduced risks of complications, it is often the first suggestion of Dallas eye surgeon Dr. Dain Brooks. The best way to learn if PRK is right for your needs is by calling (972) 736-9347 and scheduling your laser vision correction consultation.

While the PRK procedure may eliminate issues such as flap complications that are common with LASIK, it is not without its own risks. Potential risks associated with PRK include:

  • Increased glare or halos around lights at night
  • Increased sensitivity to bright lights
  • Double vision
  • New astigmatism

Most of these complications are minimal and will self-correct over the course of one to two weeks. Dr. Brooks will discuss potential complications with you in greater detail during your laser vision correction consultation.

PRK is a safe and effective way to find freedom from prescription eyewear. If you live in Dallas or surrounding areas of Texas and are interested in learning more about PRK and other laser vision correction options, please contact Brooks Eye Associates and schedule a consultation today.