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Resolve to Protect Your Vision

The New Year has begun and with it comes new opportunities to commit to your health. Many people begin exercise routines or change dietary habits as the years turn over and, indeed, taking steps to feel healthier and more active is a fantastic way to kick off the New Year. However, perhaps this year it’s time to consider other aspects of your health as well.

How to Protect Your Vision

Protective eyewearIf you have begun a new diet and exercise routine, you may already be taking steps to protect your vision. Healthy weight management and proper nutrients can help reduce risks for a number of eye diseases and can even help slow the progression of chronic conditions such as macular degeneration.

In addition to staying active and eating a healthy diet, you can help protect your vision by:

  • Not smoking
  • Wearing polarized sunglasses with broad-spectrum UV protection
  • Using protective eyewear when playing sports or working with dangerous materials
  • Visiting your optometrist every year for complete examinations

Yearly visits allow your eye doctor to identify early warning signs of serious vision disorders.

If you are experiencing any changes in vision, please contact Brooks Eye Associates today. Our ophthalmologist serves patients in and around the Dallas area of Texas.