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Symptoms of Macular Degeneration

Macular degenerationSymptoms of Macular degeneration is one of the primary causes of vision loss in Americans who are 65+ years old. Around 1.75 million people in the United States have advanced age-related macular degeneration – and this number is expected to grow to nearly 3 million by the year 2020. Identifying macular degeneration as early as possible is essential in order to protect your vision.

Some of the most common symptoms of macular degeneration include:

  • Fuzzy or distorted vision
  • Shadowy areas in your central vision
  • Faded colors
  • Trouble adapting to lower light levels
  • Difficulty recognizing faces

Macular degeneration symptoms are usually painless. If you have noticed any of the above problems, contact us today to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Brooks. If we notice defects in your central vision during your exam, we will perform further tests to accurately diagnose your condition, and discuss all of your macular degeneration treatment options with you in detail.

If you have further questions about macular degeneration, please contact Brooks Eye Associates today or call (972) 736-9347 to schedule a consultation with our experienced Plano eye doctor. We serve patients throughout Plano, Frisco, and Dallas, Texas.