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Symptoms of Presbyopia

PresbyopiaSymptoms of presbyopia is an eye disorder that occurs as a natural consequence of age. As you grow older, your eye’s natural lens will begin to harden and lose its flexibility, making it more difficult for your eyes to focus on close objects and text. Your near vision will gradually become more blurry and distorted, requiring the use of reading glasses or bifocals. Most people start experiencing symptoms of presbyopia once they reach their 40s.

Some of the most common signs and symptoms of presbyopia include:

  • Difficulty reading the small print
  • Holding reading material at arm’s length in order to see it clearly
  • Eye strain
  • Headaches

Presbyopia can be addressed in a variety of ways. Some patients are content with reading glasses or bifocals to fix the issue. However, others may want to take advantage of the freedom possible with a premium lens implant – an artificial lens that replaces your hardened natural lens, providing you with the potential for clear vision at all distances. Lens implants also come with the benefit of helping you avoid cataracts later in life since they cannot form on an artificial lens.

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