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Dry Eye Treatment: Artificial Tears

Dry Eye Treatment Artificial TearsIf you have dry eye syndrome, Dr. Brooks will carefully diagnose the underlying cause of your condition to identify the best treatment method. Artificial tears are one of the most common treatments we use. These lubricating eye drops are designed to supplement your natural tears, relieving the dry, gritty feeling in your eyes.

There are many different types of artificial tears, each meant to address deficiencies in different layers of the tear film. Dr. Brooks will determine the right variety for you based on the specific problem areas in your tear film. For example, hypo-osmotic tears work to restore the delicate balance between salt, proteins, and electrolytes within the watery layer of your tear film. Meanwhile, lipid restoration tears compensate for the lack of sufficient lipids in the top layer of your tear film.

Some patients with dry eye syndrome assume they do not need artificial tears since their eyes are already too watery. It’s important to understand that excess tears are part of your body’s reflexive response to dry eye syndrome; your eyes overproduce the watery component of your tears in an attempt to relieve dryness. If you are experiencing excess tearing, beginning an artificial tears regimen should help reduce the problem.

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