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Better vision starts with cataract surgery

Better Vision Starts with Cataract Surgery at Brooks Eye Associates

Cataracts are a common eye condition in older adults that, if left untreated, will adversely affect your vision. The good news is, there’s a complete solution: cataract surgery, which replaces the eye’s faulty lens with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL).

Choosing cataract surgery at Brooks Eye Associates means choosing expert eye doctors whose years of experience and advanced technology can bring you the best possible results. One of those technologies is the groundbreaking TECNIS Synergy™ IOL — a new way to see after cataract surgery.

Get the Synergy™ IOL and Reduce Your Need for Reading Glasses — Schedule a Consultation!

The TECNIS Synergy™ IOL offers an unrivaled range of vision, from reading to distance. And Brooks Eye Associates is one of its only providers in the region!

Why Choose the TECNIS Synergy™ IOL From Johnson & Johnson?

The Synergy™ IOL from Johnson & Johnson is a revolutionary lens that can reduce the need for reading glasses after cataract surgery. The Synergy™ IOL offers the largest range of uninterrupted vision, from seeing things at a distance to close up words on a book or screen. With the Synergy™ IOL, patients won’t need to reach for readers as often to read, check their phone, peruse a menu, or get through their day. It also provides superb contrast and less halos around lights for optimal vision at night!

Key Benefits of The Synergy™ Lens Implant

  • Continuous and Extended Depth of Focus: An unrivaled lens designed for presbyopia, reading vision, and providing clarity for every distance in between.
  • Excellent near vision: Offers some of the best visual acuity at near distances.
  • Superior image contrast: See better than comparable IOLs in low-light environments.
  • Reduces halos: See more clearly at night with fewer halos or other visual distortion.
  • Freedom from readers: Most patients don’t need to use readers or rely on readers less after surgery.

Are You a Candidate for the J&J Synergy™ IOL?

Almost anyone who is motivated to improve their presbyopia, reading vision, or full range of vision could make a great candidate: if you qualify for cataract surgery or vision enhancing RLE, you almost definitely also qualify for the TECNIS Synergy™ IOL.

The experts at Brooks Eye Associates can help confirm your candidacy: Schedule an appointment at Brooks Eye Associates to see how the Synergy™ IOL can help you see more clearly after cataract surgery.