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Stages of Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome

Stages of dysfunctional lens syndromeDysfunctional Lens Syndrome (DLS) is the progressive loss of vision caused by a gradual hardening of the eye’s crystalline lens. It is the flexibility of your eye’s lens that allows light to pass through without obstruction. As the lens hardens with age, light passing through it can become scattered causing glare or blurry vision at both near and far distances. When this occurs, it may be time to consider a DLS treatment option such a refractive lens exchange.

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Stages of DLS

There are three primary stages of DLS:

  • Stage I – the first stage of DLS is the loss of accommodation, the ability to clearly see objects close at hand. You may notice this with printed material such as books. Stage one typically begins around age 40
  • Stage II – the second stage of DLS includes the development of proteins on the lens that cause glare and blurry vision. These issues may be more prevalent at night, creating difficulties with driving, but may also be noticeable under brighter conditions
  • Stage III – the third stage of DLS is the formation of a cataract. At this stage, lens replacement is essential to prevent a total loss of vision

While everyone will experience DLS to an extent, not everyone will develop cataracts. However, even when cataracts do not develop, replacing the hardened lens may be advisable. What is best in your case can be determined during your examination at our comfortable Dallas office.

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