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Will Everyone Get Cataracts?

man thinkingIf you live long enough, you will eventually develop cataracts. As you grow older, the natural lens in your eye will sooner or later become cloudy and opaque, interfering with your vision. Looking through a cataract is similar to looking through a dirty window – objects appear blurry and faded, along with other symptoms depending on the specific type of cataract you have. Like presbyopia, cataracts are primarily an age-related eye condition. They usually do not start to form until you are in your 60s. In fact, some people do not develop cataracts until they are well into their 80s. However, they can develop at a much younger age.

At first, cataracts may not interfere much with your daily life activities. However, they can eventually lead to blindness if left untreated. Once cataracts affect your vision enough that they impact your quality of life, it is time to think about treatment. Cataract surgery is a fast and painless procedure with an extremely high success rate. Your clouded natural lens will be replaced with a lens implant to provide you with clear, unhindered vision again. There are also premium lens implant upgrade options available, such as Crystalens® or ReSTOR®.

Apart from age, cataracts can also be caused by eye diseases, the use of certain medications, or as a side effect of other medical conditions (e.g. diabetes). Accidents that cause injury to the eye can also cause cataracts to develop earlier than usual, along with smoking and excessive exposure to UV light (without appropriate sunglasses).

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