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presbyopiaIf you are between the ages of 40-50, you may have noticed that you cannot read the newspaper like you used to or in order to read a text message you have to stretch out your arm away from your face. Don’t worry, this is normal and happens to everyone! Presbyopia is an eye disorder that has to do with the natural aging of your eye. The lens in your eye will begin to harden and be less flexible, therefore, your eye will not be able to adjust as well to objects at near distance.  You may describe your vision as blurry and distorted. Symptoms of presbyopia include:

  • Difficulty reading smaller print
  • Holding reading material farther away than normal
  • Headaches
  • Eye strain

There are several ways to address Presbyopia. A lot of patients with Presbyopia will use reading glasses or bifocals to try and fix the issue. However, many people complain about having to put on their readers every single time they want to read the most minor thing like a text message. A premium lens implant is an artificial lens that will replace your hardened natural lens so you can see properly at near sight. An added bonus of a lens implant is that it can help you avoid cataracts later in life because a cataract cannot form on an artificial lens.

If you feel that Presbyopia may be hindering your everyday activities and would like to learn more about a premium lens implant, please contact us today at (972) 403-1110. We will schedule an appointment with you to discuss the best option for you!