Custom Cataract Surgery

Customized Treatment Plan to Match Your Lifestyle

Thanks to recent advancements in laser and lens implant technology, diagnostics and surgical techniques, Dr. Brooks can now fully customize your cataract procedure to provide you a personalized outcome that is unique as you, your hobbies and your lifestyle.

Patients can choose to have their vision restored for distance only or corrected to maximize their vision at near. Alternatively, patients can choose from our multi-focal options that provides vision at all distances. For patients who chose a standard monofocal IOL, we do our absolute best to give you the best possible distance vision with little or no dependence on prescription glasses. However, with a standard monofocal lens, you will need prescription eyewear for intermediate and near vision.

Dr. Brooks and his team will design a customized surgical treatment plan based on the health of your overall visual system. For patients with generally healthy eyes, you will have a number of options to choose from, including whether or not you would like to have your astigmatism corrected at the time of your procedure.

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