Cataract Surgery Recovery

Cataract surgery recoveryCataract surgery is the most common surgical procedure performed in the United States – and its success rate is exceptionally high. Recovery from cataract surgery is typically short and uneventful, particularly when pre and postoperative instructions are followed. During your initial consultation with Dallas cataract surgeon Dr. Dain Brooks, your recovery along with steps you can take to reduce risks will be discussed in greater detail.

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Cataract Surgery Recovery Timeline

During cataract surgery, your eye’s natural lens is replaced with a synthetic alternative that is impervious to future clouding. These lens implants can produce crystal clear vision but may take some time to adjust to. Some patients experience better vision within a few hours of their procedure. Others may require one to two weeks to fully adjust. During and even after this time, Dr. Brooks will remain available to you should you experience any complications.

It is not uncommon to experience wavy or distorted vision following cataract surgery. This should be temporary and is not generally a cause for concern. Other issues that may occur following your lens replacement surgery include:

  • Red or bloodshot eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • General discomfort

These symptoms should be short-lived and can often be dealt with through over-the-counter and prescription medications. Dr. Brooks should be notified if discomfort or irritation continues for more than one week.

Helping Ensure the Best Recovery Possible

Steps you can take to help ensure the best cataract surgery recovery possible include:

  • Using all medications and eye drops provided by Dr. Brooks
  • Avoiding strenuous activities during the recovery period
  • Protecting the eye from dirt, dust, and other irritants
  • Not rubbing on touching the eye
  • Not putting pressure on the eye

These restrictions may only need to be followed for a few days and normal activities such as computer work should not be impacted at all. However, it is best to discuss all activities with Dr. Brooks to make sure you are not jeopardizing your successful cataract surgery recovery.

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