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Cataracts and Sunlight

sunlight risk for cataractsExposure to UV light from the sun and other sources has been shown to increase risks for cataracts. Even early in life, excessive and unprotected sun exposure can begin to change the eye’s lens, making it more likely that cataracts will develop over time. Fortunately, reducing this particular risk is incredibly easy and doesn’t require any changes to your livelihood of lifestyle.

Sunglasses are Essential

To help reduce the risk of developing cataracts it is advisable to wear sunglasses at all times when outside during the day. Because UVA and UVB rays are still present on cloudy and cooler days, sunglasses should be worn even in cases where they may seem unnecessary for comfort. In fact, wearing sunglasses year-round may help reduce your risks for a host of vision disorders including macular degeneration and pterygia.

When selecting sunglasses, be sure to choose a pair that offers full UVA/UVB protection. Your pupils dilate to accommodate to lower light conditions as soon as you put sunglasses on. Options that do not offer 100% UV protection will allow even more ultraviolet light into the eyes and can further increase risks for cataracts and other vision disorders. While slightly more expensive, a good pair of sunglasses can prove priceless for protecting your eyes.

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