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Freckles in the Eye

Freckles in the eyeYou’ve no doubt seen freckles on the skin – those little brown spots that are caused by exposure to UV rays. Many people are surprised to find out that freckles can also appear in the eyes and may be detected when pupils are dilated during a routine eye examination.

Just like freckles on the skin, choroidal nevus (eye freckles) are typically nothing to worry about. However, also like skin freckles, those in the eye can become cancerous. If an eye freckle is noticed during your routine examination, Plano eye doctor Dain Brooks, MD will make a note of it and continue to monitor its size, shape, and color during subsequent examinations.

Protecting Your Eyes

There are a number of eye diseases linked to UV exposure. This is why it is important to wear high-quality sunglasses at all times when outside during the day. Even on overcast days UV light can enter the eye and increase the risk for a host of vision disorders – and inexpensive sunglasses may make matters worse.

Eyes dilate in low light conditions. Naturally, this will occur when you put sunglasses on. If the sunglasses you are wearing lack in UV protection they may allow more light into the sensitive inside layers of your eyes, increasing risks for cataracts, macular degeneration, and conjunctival cancers. Dr. Brooks would be happy to discuss what to look for in sunglasses during your next regularly scheduled appointment.

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