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Lattice Degeneration

Lattice degeneration eye diseaseLattice degeneration is an eye disease that causes the peripheral retina to become atrophic in a lattice pattern. The holes, tears, and breaks that cause this pattern can greatly increase risks for retinal detachment. In fact, Lattice degeneration is found in approximately 30 percent of phakic retinal detachment cases.

Lattice degeneration is commonly asymptomatic. Unless noticed by an experienced eye doctor during your routine examinations, the disease may go unnoticed before retinal detachment occurs. Symptoms of retinal detachment include an increase in floaters and flashers, blurred vision, or a shadow that appears to close in on the eye from the top or side. If you experience any of these symptoms it is important that you contact Dallas eye doctor Dain Brooks, MD as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

When caught early on, lattice degeneration can be successfully treated with laser therapy. However, in cases where lattice degeneration is related to severe myopia, additional treatments may be needed to prevent retinal detachment. Dr. Brooks will carefully review your visual history and discuss all treatment options to help protect you against future vision loss.

If you are experiencing any changes in vision, please contact Brooks Eye Associates to schedule your consultation today. Our eye doctor serves Dallas, Plano, and all surrounding Texas communities.