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Will My Cataracts Come Back After Surgery?

Returning Cataractscataract is defined as a clouding of your eye’s natural lens (technically called an “opacification”). Cataract surgery involves removing this lens and replacing it with a premium lens implant – which means that cataracts cannot return after surgery, because it is impossible for a cataract to form on an artificial lens.

However, the small capsular membrane that once enclosed your natural lens can potentially become cloudy after cataract surgery. This condition is called a secondary cataract (or “capsular opacification”). If a secondary cataract develops, you will notice symptoms similar to those of a regular cataract – including hazy or blurry vision, difficulty reading, and increased light sensitivity.

However, the good news is that treating a secondary cataract is easy. Secondary cataracts can be corrected during a simple five-minute procedure that is performed in our office. A laser is used to create a small opening in the center of the opaque capsule, allowing light to freely enter your eye again. The entire procedure is painless and takes less than five minutes.

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